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Air booster pump installation precautions
Time: 2022-05-16 16:26

Air booster pumps are used for boosting various gases such as air, nitrogen, helium, argon, oxygen, and hydrogen. Its products are widely used in industrial instruments, fully automated machinery and equipment, aerospace and military fields. It features simple maintenance, low cost, no heat generation, no movement of parts, less loss and strong adjustability.

1. Description of gas source requirements:

The air booster pump is also called the booster valve, so it must be in the air source and does not require a power supply. Clean compressed air, the air source pressure is not more than 10bar, and generally does not need lubrication. The gas booster pump has been specially lubricated when it leaves the factory. Relatively low, the water content of low-compressed air is relatively small, long-term use, the reversing valve of the gas booster pump will be astringent, which may cause the reversing valve to be stuck, so it is best to install it on the driving gas path in this case. Lubricator.

2. Installation instructions

Generally speaking, there are no special requirements for the installation of the gas booster pump. It can be installed horizontally or vertically. Horizontal installation is relatively easy to install, but due to the gravity of the piston itself, it will cause uneven friction of the piston under long-term use. If it is installed vertically, this situation can be avoided, so if the installation space is sufficient, it is best to choose vertical installation, and the service life of the air booster pump will be longer.