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Xiamen Power Saving Machinery Co.,LTD. 

Xiamen power saving machinery co.,ltd. was established in 1998. It mainly produces ball-making equipment and industrial automation components, assemblies, and technical loop development, manufacturing, sales, maintenance, and technical consulting services. And act as the agent of domestic and foreign major brands of pneumatic and hydraulic components sales services, pneumatic circuit design, hydraulic circuit design.

The main ball making equipments are: steam tire vulcanizing machine, electric heating inner tube forming machine (printing machine), yarn wrapping machine (rugby yarn wrapping machine., single-seat yarn wrapping machine, five-seat yarn wrapping machine) plug Ball machine, skin machine (eight-piece machine). Degasser, ball bounce test machine, ball impact test machine, etc.

Professional manufacture and research and development of centralized lubrication and oil supply device.

The main pneumatic and hydraulic products include: gas-liquid booster cylinder, booster, pneumatic press, and hydraulic press. The pneumatic and hydraulic booster presses and various components are all standard stock, with fast delivery and high quality. Stability and price advantage, it is the best weapon and helper in the automation industry.

Accurate CD-ROMs and catalogues are available, Auto Cad drawing files and data for query planning, design, and assembly are provided, and technical support is provided. Welcome to inquire.