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Pneumatic knowledge is easy to learn
Time: 2022-05-16 16:19

1. Pneumatic technology: Pneumatic technology uses compressed air as a medium and an air compressor as a power source to achieve energy transfer or

The engineering technology of signal transmission and control is one of the important and important components of fluid transmission and control, and it is also an important part of realizing industrial automation.

an important way of integration and mechatronics.

2. Typical composition of pneumatic system: air pressure generating device - actuator - control element - auxiliary element

3. Advantages of pneumatic system: Compared with traditional hydraulic technology, pneumatic technology has the following advantages:

(1) Simple and lightweight structure, easy to install and maintain;

(2) The output speed is generally 50~500mm/s, which is faster than hydraulic and electrical methods;

(3) For shock loads and overload

Strong adaptability to load;

(4) High reliability, long service life, safe and pollution-free and low cost. Because pneumatic technology has

With the above advantages, pneumatic technology has been widely used in the world's industrial enterprises. A complete mechatronics system package

Including machinery, power, information detection and sensing, execution, control and signal processing and other parts. Execution as a mechatronic system

Some pneumatic components and their systems not only have mechanical and pneumatic actuators, but also integrate components such as information detection and sensing, and even integrate some other micro-electromechanical systems.

4. Disadvantages of pneumatic system: poor action stability, low output power, high noise, slower signal transmission than electrical signals