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Standard gas-liquid booster cylinder
Time: 2022-05-16 16:25

Standard booster cylinders have the following features:

     1: Beautiful shape: the product design is novel and the appearance is beautiful;


     2: Fast speed: the action speed is faster than hydraulic pressure, and it is more stable than air pressure;


     3: High output: up to the high output of the hydraulic system;


     4: Easy to control: Manual pedal and automatic control can be realized:


     5: Easy installation: a variety of installation methods can be provided for installation in different occasions;


     6: Easy to maintain: the structure of the cylinder body is simple and light, and it is convenient to carry, so the maintenance is quite simple;


     7: Low energy consumption: When the machine is continuously pressurized or stopped, the motor of the hydraulic system must still run. Compared with this, the power source of the booster cylinder is easy to obtain, and the actual energy consumption is equivalent to 10%-30% of the hydraulic system;


     8: Fewer failures: There is no disturbance caused by the temperature rise of the hydraulic system.


     9: High material quality: All seals of the product are imported parts to ensure that the products from our company can achieve long life, high precision, large output and small volume.