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How to adjust the gas-liquid booster cylinder
Time: 2022-05-16 16:21

Although the gas-liquid booster cylinder manufacturers will be equipped with the operation instructions of the gas-liquid booster cylinder when they leave the factory, many people may not understand it when they use the gas-liquid booster cylinder for the first time or the instructions are not detailed, resulting in ignorance. How to adjust the speed of operation to achieve your purpose of use.

The pressure adjustment method of the gas-liquid booster cylinder:

1. Independent pressure adjustment: If you need to independently control the pressure of a certain action, you can install a pressure adjustment valve at the corresponding air inlet.

2. Adjustment of total air source pressure: There is a switch to adjust the size of the air source at the two joints of the air treatment combination. The input pressure of the gas-liquid combined booster will change with the size of the intake source pressure. When the intake source pressure is high, the output pressure of the booster cylinder will follow, and on the contrary, when the intake source pressure is adjusted, the output force of the booster cylinder will decrease.

The adjustment method of the running speed of the gas-liquid booster cylinder:

1. Time adjustment: The four-step actions of the gas-liquid booster cylinder (pre-pressure drop, boost drop, boost return, and pre-pressure return) are controlled by the time relay, which can be adjusted according to the needs of different products. Moment relay to adjust the moment of each action.

2. Exhaust adjustment: the gas-liquid booster cylinder has four intake ports (except for the direct-pressure booster cylinder), and each intake port corresponds to the four actions of the booster cylinder. When the operation speed or smooth operation, an adjustable quick exhaust valve (one-way) can be installed at the corresponding exhaust port, and the exhaust valve can be used to adjust the exhaust speed to a suitable speed.