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Our country's hydraulic industry trends
Time: 2022-05-16 16:22

The scale of my country's hydraulic market ranks first in the world, and the downstream is mainly construction machinery and agricultural machinery. The market size of hydraulic products in my country ranks first in the world. In 2013, the output value of enterprises above designated size in the hydraulic industry reached 52 billion yuan, and the output of hydraulic components reached 216 million pieces. In the first half of 2014, 94 million pieces of hydraulic components have been produced, and the annual output will be stable at about 200 million pieces. Judging from the proportion of downstream application demand of hydraulic components, hydraulic parts of construction machinery accounted for nearly 42.5% of the total hydraulic parts, and agricultural machinery accounted for about 21.28%.

The growth rate of the construction machinery industry has slowed down, and the future growth point will be high-end and intelligent products, and the demand for high-end hydraulic components will accelerate. The construction machinery industry is one of the important weather vanes for the operation of the global macro economy. In the 10 years before 2011, China experienced an upsurge in infrastructure construction, and the construction machinery industry experienced a "golden decade". In 2012, China's construction machinery sales reached 562.6 billion yuan, making it the largest construction machinery market in the world.

The largest downstream of construction machinery is infrastructure and real estate investment. With the strengthening of the real estate market regulation, starting from the second half of 2011, the construction machinery market has gradually fallen into a downturn. The problems of high homogeneity of domestic enterprises, overcapacity of low-end products, and weak international competitiveness of high-end products have gradually become prominent. The main reason is that key technologies are controlled by foreign enterprises, such as transmission parts, control components, diesel engines and key hydraulic parts High-tech, high-value-added core components mainly rely on imports. At present, my country's construction machinery industry is in a transition period from "winning by scale" to "winning by quality". It is expected that construction machinery will enter a period of stable growth in the future, high-end and intelligentization will become new growth points of construction machinery in the future, and the demand for high-end hydraulic components will accelerate.

Driven by new urbanization, the agricultural machinery industry is expected to enter a new golden decade, and the demand for hydraulic components will continue to grow steadily. Since 2004, with the support and promotion of government subsidy policies, the agricultural machinery industry has experienced a decade of rapid growth, with an average annual growth rate of over 18%. In 2012, the total output value of my country's agricultural machinery reached 338.24 billion yuan, surpassing the European Union and the United States, becoming the world's largest agricultural machinery manufacturing country.

From the perspective of the urbanization process of industrialized countries, the urbanization of farmers is accompanied by the continuous advancement of agricultural machinery mechanization, and the long-term agricultural machinery subsidy policy plays a key role in it. The subsidy policy for the purchase of agricultural machinery in developed countries lasts for 20 to 30 years. In the future, with the advancement of my country's new urbanization, agricultural machinery subsidies are expected to continue, ushering in a new golden decade. In the future, my country's agricultural machinery industry will continue to play a stable driving role in the hydraulic industry.

According to the 12th Five-Year Development Plan for the hydraulic industry, during the 12th Five-Year Plan period, the total industrial output value of my country's hydraulic parts industry will increase from 35.113 billion yuan in 2010 to 75 billion yuan in 2015. According to this calculation, during the 12th Five-Year Plan period, the compound growth rate of my country's hydraulic parts industry will reach 16.39%, continuing to maintain a relatively high growth level.

Judging from the market capacity of my country's hydraulic products, the import value of my country's hydraulic products in 2011 reached a maximum of 3.4 billion US dollars, accounting for 50% of the domestic output value of that year. Then, due to the decline in the market demand for excavators, the import value has declined. In 2013, the import value of hydraulic products was about 2.5 billion US dollars, accounting for 30% of the annual industry output value. From the perspective of my country's hydraulic product market structure, the characteristics of large but not strong are extremely obvious. There is a surplus of low-end hydraulic parts and fierce competition; there is a serious shortage of high-end hydraulic components, 70% of high-end hydraulic products need to rely on imports, especially in high-end construction machinery, 90% of hydraulic parts are controlled by others, and 70-80% of profits are used by foreign hydraulic products Manufacturers have a very broad space for import substitution of high-end hydraulic products in the future.