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Innovative ManufacturingMake Our Products Better Quality

Many industries use our products。Innovative manufacturing, change production, the product will be more refined and better quality higher, to create the industry eagle brand

  • Ball Making Equipment/ Standard or Custom
    Manufacture of football, basketball, volleyball, rugby and other balls.
  • Pneumatic Hydraulic Pump/ Standard or Custom
    Used for clamping systems such as CNC, machining centers, tooling fixtures, etc.
  • Supercharger/ Standard or Custom
    Widely used in agricultural and construction machinery.
  • Knife Cylinder/ Standard or Custom
    Used in tool loosening systems such as CNC, machining centers, and machine tools.
  • Press Equipment/ Standard or Custom
    Used in hardware, electronics, communications, automotive, printing and other industries.
Xiamen Power Saving Machinery Ball Making Equipment Xiamen power saving machinery and ball making equipment
Good Price Custom Design Manufacturer Professional Supplier

Service Hotline:+86 68796827


  • 01 15 Years Experience in Ball Equipment Industry
    For fifteen years, we have been focusing on the design, development, production, sales and service of ball making machinery
    Years of production experience, stable product quality, good cost performance
    02 Won the title of Xiamen High-tech Enterprise
    Has its own product design, R & D team, can provide customers with personalized development
    Has more than 30 patented technologies; products have always been at the forefront of the same industry
    Each device will go through our strict testing and inspection before it can be delivered to customers.
  • 03 3000 square meters of production workshop
    The factory is located in Xiamen Tong'an Industrial Concentration Zone with convenient facilities. Due to the convenient facilities, the company has grown steadily and the proportion of old employees is very high.
    There are perfect pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service personnel; can respond to and solve your problems in a timely manner
    04 Selected high quality hardware accessories materials
    Tubes and fittings are produced using high quality materials, with long product life and fewer problems
    The production equipment adopts domestic advanced processing equipment, and strictly controls the fineness of products; it meets the high quality conditions of large enterprises

Our CompanyAbout

Xiamen Power Saving Machinery Co.,LTD.

Xiamen power saving machinery co.,ltd. was established in 1998. It mainly produces ball-making equipment and industrial automation components, assemblies, and technical loop development, manufacturing, sales, maintenance, and technical consulting services.

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How is the quality of your company's products?
We are a high-tech enterprise in Xiamen. We have been making ball-making equipment for 15 years and have more than 30 patented technologies.
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Can your company provide special VAT invoices?
We are a regular enterprise, and we all provide invoices
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Can I visit your factory?
Welcome to your arrival, our company is located on the 1659-3 Jixian Road, Tong 'an District, Xiamen city
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Are you a factory or a trading company?
We are a production enterprise with R&D strength, the delivery time is relatively guaranteed, and the product price is relatively advantageous.
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Do you have machinery for producing basketballs and soccer balls?
Our factory has equipment for basketball, football, football, rugby and many other balls
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