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  • How is the quality of your company's products?

    We are a high-tech enterprise in Xiamen. We have been making ball-making equipment for 15 years and have more than 30 patented technologies.

  • Can your company provide special VAT invoices?

    We are a regular enterprise, and we all provide invoices

  • Can I visit your factory?

    Welcome to your arrival, our company is located on the 1659-3 Jixian Road, Tong 'an District, Xiamen city

  • Are you a factory or a trading company?

    We are a production enterprise with R&D strength, the delivery time is relatively guaranteed, and the product price is relatively advantageous.

  • Do you have machinery for producing basketballs and soccer balls?

    Our factory has equipment for basketball, football, football, rugby and many other balls